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What is Techno Music?

Techno originally emerged from Detroit in the mid-to-late 1980's with a number of well-known DJs including Derrick May, Jeff Mills and Kevin Saunderson. Since then, techno has seen a large number of sub-genres span off from it, offering something for any kind of music listener.

Techno fittingly derives its name from the heavy use of technology in music production, such as the famous TR-808 Drum Machine and TB-303 Bass Line, plus various synthesizers including the Korg MS-10 Analog Synthesizer and the Yamaha DX7 Synthesizer.

With the pioneers of Detroit Techno, aka The Belleville Three, laying down the foundation for techno today, modern day techno has quickly grown to consist of countless sub-genres including acid techno, minimal techno and hard techno.

Utilising a building block method of structuring tracks, techno music has an intricate and complex layering of rhythms, melodies and electronic sounds over the backbone of a perpetual drum beat and bassline to create the techno sound we all know and love.

With new advancements in music hardware and software being made, techno is constantly being pushed into new territories, clashing with various genres along the way such as breakbeat, dubstep and tribal.

Through an ever expanding sound more people are taking an interest in to techno music from all edges of the planet, which is evident thanks to new and exciting producers and DJs who have appeared over the last few years.

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