Techno, House & Electro Spotify Playlists

Techno, House & Electro Spotify Playlists

I originally curated these playlists as a way to manage my music for when I'm mixing music at home; however, a number of months after creating them I noticed some playlists had picked up a small following. I posted a small collection of them on Reddit which people liked, so I expanded on the idea further by creating this website.

Below are all of my playlists which are brimming with music covering various subgenres, moods, structures, tempos and other sounds. Some playlists are more popular than others, some playlists are larger than others and some playlists are updated more frequently than others; but over time each playlist will be updated to accommodate new music.

If you are a producer or record label and would like me to consider your music for my playlists, please submit music through SubmitHub or PlaylistPush.

House Spotify Playlists

House musics origins go back to the early 1980s in Chicago, where house music was mainly repetitive beats, drum machines and funky basslines. Whilst this still holds true with todays house music, there is many variations to choose from including deep house, melodic house and acid house.

Electro Spotify Playlists

Electro is the electronic equivalent of hip-hop which was directly influenced by Roland drum machines and funk music. Over the last few years it has seen a large increase in listeners with many variations of electro being produced including electro funk and detroit electro.