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HoS x Adam Heaton: Projekt Gestalten Playlist

Home of Sound x Adam Heaton present this interview with a track selection straight from techno producer and DJ, Projekt Gestalten.

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About The Artist

Diego, in art Projekt Gestalten, is a DJ, producer, visual artist and founder of the VRAA Dj diva ranking and record label. Born in São Paulo, he experienced the freedom and creativity of Berlin and made this city his new home. One of the core members and DJ resident of the event series Pornceptual, Diego has been travelling the world to share his art and has played alongside Norman Nodge, Monoloc, Alienata, Jamaika Suk, The Lady Machine, Amanda Mussi and many others, including during a sweaty and intense Pornceptual X Boiler Room.

In this podcast, we chat about why artists should not work for free and rather be picky on where they get involved; we talk about electronic music and the queer community in Brazil; the origin of Projekt Gestalten. And we learn the story of Diego going from opening a giant fan on the dancefloor to creating a DJ diva ranking and record label. We also discuss about racism and homophobia and the ‘white privileges’ and why it is important to systematically address this very diffused issue. With this conversation, Diego’s work ethic and passion for arts, including visuals, bring to our attention the importance of spending the right energy into carving out our ideas into art.

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