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HoS x Adam Heaton: Manni Dee Playlist

Home of Sound x Adam Heaton present this interview with a track selection straight from techno producer and DJ, Manni Dee.

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About The Artist

Manni Dee is a producer and DJ and is regularly featured on Perc Trax’s releases and shows. His music can be described as harsh and broken techno and his sets are widely appreciated by artists and fans worldwide.

Since his first EP released back in 2011, Manni has been developing his own signature sound that has brought him to perform in events all over the world. He landed on labels such as Candela Rising, Earwiggle, Osiris, S.L.A.M., Tresor (where he released his first album in 2018), Leyla Records and of course, Perc Trax, where he developed a very good connection with founder Perc himself.

In this podcast, we take a look at Manni’s inspiration and origins and his experiences with gigs and internet trolls. Going back to his school days and first experiences with music, we talk about Keith, the sound engineer who has been among the first people to support young Manni.

We touch on subjects such as appreciating more of what we have, finding a healthy life balance and not rushing to send out music for demos. And we discover one of Manni’s tools to avoid being overwhelmed and to boost creativity: imposing limitations.

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