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HoS x Adam Heaton: Irakli Playlist

Home of Sound x Adam Heaton present this interview with a track selection straight from techno producer and DJ, Irakli.

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About The Artist

Irakli is a Georgian-born, Berlin based DJ & producer, who also runs his own imprint Intergalactic Research Institute for Sound and the event series and label STAUB. He has been around the block for over ten years, juggling between events, releases and sets played internationally. And he openly shares how much he believes in the importance of creating something unique and special.

Irakli studied architecture and has always been attracted to art. Eventually moving to Germany - Cologne first and then Berlin, he found a supportive and stimulating environment in the German capital. Through his platform STAUB, he shaped a musical and artistic direction that is centered around the artist's sounds. In fact, both STAUB’s parties and releases are presented without mentioning the artists’ names, in order for people to listen and discover with an open mind.

In our conversation, we track back his inspiration and love for music and explore some of his current projects - such as re-releasing a vocal ambient track by Chikiss alongside a remix by Stanislav Tolkachev. As he outlines how he chooses music he likes and shapes ideas into finished products, what strikes us in this conversation is Irakli’s outlook on life: he is calm, focused and propositive. We also talk about how mistakes are a useful tool to learn and progress.

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