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HoS x Adam Heaton: Insolate Playlist

Home of Sound x Adam Heaton present this interview with a track selection straight from techno producer and DJ, Insolate.

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About The Artist

Insolate, is a Croatian Dj, producer, Out Of Place label owner and co-founder of event series TRAUM. She is one of the main voices of the underground music scene in Croatia and a very integrated artist in the international techno scene. Having a long list of releases under her belt, she has worked with the likes of Ben Sims, Matrixxman, Jamaica Suk, Developer, Electric Rescue, POLI and Lorenzo Raganzini and many more. At the core of her art, sit her personal drive and passion and willingness to continuously experiment.

Her early influences track back to the rave and dance scene of the mid 1990s when Croatia was just recovering from the war with Yugoslavia. She discovered a variety of electronic music from cassettes and eventually started her own DJ journey in the late 90s. Around 2007, she also started producing and launched her own imprint Out Of Place in 2015 together with her partner in crime (and in life) Volster.

In our chat, we talk about the importance of music in social interactions and Insolate tells us how emotions are the main driver for her creation and for approaching remixes and collaborations such as the work done spontaneously with singer Sara Renar. And we discuss how creators may want to keep pushing the boundaries and learn to produce art to fit their own taste and not exclusively that of others.

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